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Our Story

We founded Apex Logic in 1998 to build critical backend systems for large multinational corporations. As the need for automated acquisition processes within the government became apparent, we focused our efforts on overhauling one of the most rigorous business processes around – government procurement.



Since its creation, Symphony has orchestrated billions of dollars in government contract spending through our intuitive cloud-based procurement environment that provides workflow automation and promotes collaboration and transparency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help governments find, deploy and manage resource allocation efficiently, fairly, and openly.


Our SaaS platform gives governments the tools they need to meet the complex challenges of our world. 

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Decades of Trust

We are known for putting our customers first. We stay up to date on government policies and regulations and can guide our customers on best practices when setting up and executing their programs. 


All your data resides securely on the AWS FedRAMP Certified Cloud, and is owned by you and available at any time. Additionally, we will never compete on any contract we automate, nor subcontract to any company on one of our automated contracts, thus effectively eliminating any opportunities for conflicts of interest.

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