Professional Services

Symphony is a highly customizable end-to-end tool to manage your contract vehicle. We facilitate the setup and customization of your programs as part of the standard license. In addition, we offer a suite of services to provide more guidance and consultation, deeper customizations, specific training sessions and more. You can even outsource the entire program management to us. Just let us know your needs and we can try to support.

Consultation and Reporting

We can guide our customers in the strategy and planning phases, employing best practices for acquisition criteria and workflows. In addition, we can take on specific tasks within the program, such as Market Research and Scope Review.  

Advanced Help Desk

We are known for the high-touch customer service that is included in our standard license fee. We can provide additional hours, faster response times and more escalations if needed.

Integration and API Support

We can assist in the integration of Symphony with other systems and facilitate the enhancement of external dashboards and reports that are already in use with data from Symphony.

Custom Software Development

We can develop a wide variety of custom applications and automation scripts to support every aspect of contract fulfillment. 

Additional Training

Beyond the knowledge base and videos provided, we also run custom training sessions such as webinars to help Industry, training for Program Officers and Evaluators, and in-depth training for managing program execution. 

Symphony White Label

The entire Symphony experience can be customized and branded to meet the needs of specific agencies and their customers.

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